Bret Bernhoft Is A JavaScript Developer

An annual timeline featuring important themes in Bret Bernhoft's ongoing professional development as a JavaScript Developer.


Media Creation And Distribution

Created and published hundreds of hour-long episodes of original media on/in all major modern mediums. Which were then distributed across popular social media platforms.


Online Community Management

Founded, grew and managed digital communities on both major and minor social media platforms. Also oversaw successful advertising campaigns for purposes of community growth.


Privacy And Security Awakening

First experience with a personal computer being hacked. As a result, I began earnestly researching Cybersecurity related topics, including different ways I could improve my own awareness and effectiveness.


Began Studying Web Development

Committed to becoming a skilled (and eventually employed) Frontend Web Developer, having limited experience with HTML, CSS or JavaScript at this point.

Landscaping Service

Established a landscaping service for a growing number of clients who regularly hired me to beautify and maintain their residential and commercial properties.


Built Library Of Learning Resources

Invested $10,000+ from my landscaping service into various learning materials (such as books and hardware) used for my self-led Programming education.


First Personal Projects

Began seriously experimenting with larger, more complex projects using the JavaScript programming language. Including the use of interesting libraries such as Charts.js, Howler.js and others.


Hired to develop original tools and websites for companies, largely using JavaScript, React and jQuery. Also built interfaces for media players reliant on streaming media APIs.


Personal Development

Overcame a series of unexpected challenges in my life; events that have ultimately led me to become the person I am today.


Digital Networking

Researched and joined relevant Online technology communities, based in the United States, that regularly met through video conferencing technologies.

Online Reputation Management

Studied and applied best practices for monitoring, planning and evolving my personal image/brand on the Internet.


Full-Time JavaScript Developer Employment

Employed as a JavaScript Developer, whose everyday responsibilities include application development, user management and researching new solutions.

Professional Volunteering

Volunteered my skills and offering my experience with information technologies to nonprofits throughout the world.

Content Creation

Decentralized my reputation and access through interviews and article submissions, most commonly focused on technology and/or spirituality.


Continued Employment As JavaScript Developer

Expanded roles and responsibilities as a professional full-time JavaScript Developer. Also occasionally experimenting with being a Digital Nomad.

Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Engaging with the global OSINT community by helping organize and operate ongoing Capture The Flag (CTF) tournaments.